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Als offizieller Vertriebspartner der Firma STROHBOID haben wir einen starken Partner der zukunftsweisende Bausysteme entwickelt und produziert und so die ideale Ergänzung in unserem Portfolio für Ihr nächstes Projekt ist. STROHBOID setzt dabei auf nachhaltige, natürliche und Co2-neutralen Materialien. Über uns können Sie die hochwertigen Produkte der Firma STROHBOID beziehen. Wir kümmern uns um die komplette Abwicklung.

Be it fixed installations or temporary structures, everything is possible.

Aesthetics & luxury in harmony with nature

A miraculous all-purpose construction for your garden

The weatherproof lounges enchant with high-quality, natural materials and unique designs. Beautifully shaped wooden constructions go hand in hand with durable textile canopies, enabling year round use of the lounges. They offer comfortable, heatable outdoor spaces – perfect for impromptu summer parties, family dinners, yoga sessions, a romantic winter evening and much more.

Thanks to translucent canopies our lounges are always bathed in gentle light. The curtains included allow for creative freedom in their arrangement and keep the interior dry and cosy in any weather.

How we guarantee the success of your event

In addition to STROHBOID’s versatile high-quality products we also offer each and every other product you might need for your event. You can find everything you could possibly need to have a successful event in our catalogue.

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Ready for the next party!

Celebrate unforgettable summer parties in the STROHBOID pavilion – its elegant shape is not only impressive but ventilates the tent as well. Invite up to 60 guests to an event in your breathtaking STROHBOID pavilion. Whether you use it for events, weddings, corporate celebrations or – if you happen to be a winemaker – as a wine store, the possibilities are endless.

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