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Objects & Exhibitions

The core business of ARCUS GmbH includes everything relating to trade fairs. By now, we have been active in national and European trade fair construction since 20 years. We design and build exhibition stands, showrooms and presentation systems for all kinds of trade fairs. We also take care of the entire logistics chain for all stand components and advertising materials, from sustainable storage to maintenance and dispatch.

We are a team that not only plans and implements your project in detail, but also leads it to success. We value design and work according to the concept "less is more". We offer the customer a seamlessly rounded portfolio, starting with the design and planning of the trade fair stand including assembly and dismantling as well as the storage of all stand components and customer materials.

This makes us your ideal partner

Objects & Exhibitions

ARCUSARCUS - A name you can trust. And a service you can rely on. If you need support for your next project, contact the professionals.

Expertise - We have learned our craft from the get go, with customers of all kinds and every variety of problems. No reason to stand still: We remain curious and follow current developments with great attention. This is how we work for you: expertly, up-to-date and always with the necessary portion of creativity.


Integrity - a big word. You have to protect it from wear and tear. We take it seriously. We cannot do without honesty, transparency and responsible conduct. Benefit from it; place your trust in us. We will not disappoint you.

Happy customers - We enjoy giving our best. And we can tell from your success whether we have really done our job well. We do all we can to achieve this. And when you recommend us to others, we know: We are on the right track.

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